Toshi Yoshida
Snowstorm and Yoko: Snow Country II

Toshi Yoshida “Snowstorm and Yoko: Snow Country II” 1986 woodblock print
Toshi Yoshida 吉田遠志
Snowstorm and Yoko: Snow Country II
Series title
Colour woodblock print on paper
Paper dimensions (h × w)
56.5 × 76.0 cm
Image dimensions (h × w)
Edition size
Posthumously restruck
Yoshida Tōshi
Snow and ice
Nobel Committee commission
"...made by Toshi-sensei for a commission that came to him from the Nobel prize committee in the mid 1980-s. They wanted to have some special items honouring Kawabata Yasunari, who had previously been awarded the prize for literature... One day he brought something to show us – the letter that he had received from the Prize Committee commissioning the works; he was quite proud of the fact that no price had been set – this was completely up to his own discretion... A lot of the snow on that one was done with an interesting technique. They carved a positive block for the snowflakes (the largest ones) and then pressed the paper over this (with no pigment), to leave it deeply embossed. They would then print the relevant area again using a completely flat block, inked with a light pigment, but using only a very light pressure. The embossed places would not be pressed down onto the wood, and would thus remain white, while the unembossed area would catch the colour. Hiroshi-san used this technique too, I believe." David Bull
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