Toshi Yoshida 吉田遠志

YearEnglish titleJapanese titleMedium
1995One Day in East Africa No. 6Colour woodblock
1994Dance of Eternal Love清麗の舞Colour woodblock
1994One Day in East Africa No. 5Colour woodblock
1994Stone BridgeColour woodblock
1993Dead BranchColour woodblock
1991Double Cherryル重桜Colour woodblock
1991MapleColour woodblock
1991Morning Mist in East Africa東アフリカの朝靄Colour woodblock
1991One Day in East Africa No. 2Colour woodblock
1991One Day in East Africa No. 3Colour woodblock
1990One Day in East Africa No. 1Colour woodblock
1990Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park東京港野鳥公園Colour woodblock
1989Azumino in Early Spring早春の安曇野Colour woodblock
1988Autumn, Izu Dancing GirlColour woodblock
1988Izu Dancing GirlColour woodblock
1988Shrine Ancient CapitalColour woodblock
1988Tancho CraneColour woodblock
1987Black panther黒ヒョウColour woodblock
1987Lion ライオンColour woodblock
1987Morning Mist朝霧Colour woodblock
1987Mt. Fuji from GotembaColour woodblock
1987Sacred Mountain in NepalColour woodblock
1987Sea Gull of AntarcticColour woodblock
1987TigerタイガーColour woodblock
1987ZebrasColour woodblock
1986Early Morning夜明けColour woodblock
1986Komako's Reverie: Snow Country IColour woodblock
1986Snowstorm and Yoko: Snow Country IIColour woodblock
1985CamouflageColour woodblock
1985Chimney Forest煙突の森Colour woodblock
1985Havana in 1954ハバナの古い町Colour woodblock
1985San FranciscoサンフランシスコColour woodblock
1984Ayers Rock [Uluru]Colour woodblock
1984Festival in JaipurColour woodblock
1984GwaliorColour woodblock
1984HippopotamusColour woodblock
1984LycaonリカオンColour woodblock
1984MaduraiColour woodblock
1984OstrichColour woodblock
1984RangoonColour woodblock
1984Ship RockシップロックColour woodblock
1984TiruchchirappalliColour woodblock
1983From Katsuragi-yamaかつらぎ山よりColour woodblock
1983Kilimanjaro, CloudColour woodblock
1983Kilimanjaro, EveningColour woodblock
1983Mt. Fuji from Ohito, Autumn伊豆 大仁の富士 [秋]Colour woodblock
1983One Day in East Africa No. 10Colour woodblock
1983One Day in East Africa No. 8Colour woodblock
1983One Day in East Africa No. 9Colour woodblock
1982April卯月Colour woodblock
1982August葉月Colour woodblock
1982CaravanColour woodblock
1982December師走Colour woodblock
1982February如月Colour woodblock
1982January睦月Colour woodblock
1982July文月Colour woodblock
1982June水無月Colour woodblock
1982March弥生Colour woodblock
1982May早月Colour woodblock
1982Mendocino, SunriseColour woodblock
1982Mountains of HimalayaColour woodblock
1982November霜月Colour woodblock
1982October神無月Colour woodblock
1982Peoples of IndiaColour woodblock
1982September長月Colour woodblock
19817. Nov. 1981Colour woodblock
1981Flying Up (Eagle)Colour woodblock
1981Japanese Antelopes in SnowColour woodblock
1981ManjiroColour woodblock
1981One Day in East Africa No. 4Colour woodblock
1981One Day in East Africa No. 7Colour woodblock
1980[Early Spring]Colour woodblock
1980BambooColour woodblock
1980Early Summer初夏の彩Colour woodblock
1980Early Winter初冬の輝きColour woodblock
1980KueilinColour woodblock
1980Lioness AColour woodblock
1980Pheasant and Maple Leaves in AutumnColour woodblock
1980PineColour woodblock
1980PlumColour woodblock
1979Baobab and RhinoColour woodblock
1978Zebras and GnusColour woodblock
1977Autumn (Serenity of Red Maple)紅葉の安らぎColour woodblock
1977Evening in East AfricaColour woodblock
1977Gentoo Penguins... ペンギンColour woodblock
1977Hope BayColour woodblock
1977Kilimanjaro, MorningColour woodblock
1977SnowingColour woodblock
1977Spring (Flying around White Plum Tree)白梅に舞うColour woodblock
1977Summer (Gathering around Sarusuberi)百日紅に集うColour woodblock
1977Thomson's GazellesColour woodblock
1977Winter (Sitting Under Snow-covered Leaves)積雪の葉かげにColour woodblock
1976Columbia GlacierColour woodblock
1976Valley of the GodsColour woodblock
1975After ThatColour woodblock
1975Before ThatColour woodblock
1975Cormorant Island鵜の島Colour woodblock
1975Desert and CloudColour woodblock
1975First CreatureColour woodblock
1975Glacier AgeColour woodblock
1975Peggy's Cove, CanadaカナダのペギーズコーブColour woodblock
1975RunningColour woodblock
1975Sea Fishes海の魚Colour woodblock
1975Should Not UseColour woodblock
1975Taxco, MexicoColour woodblock
1974Peaceful Wild AnimalsColour woodblock
1973AspenアスピンにてColour woodblock
1973Autumn SeasonColour woodblock
1973CardinalsカーディナルColour woodblock
1973DelightfulColour woodblock
1973Elephants in the WildColour woodblock
1973MirageColour woodblock
1973MovingColour woodblock
1973SilenceColour woodblock
1973Sound of WaveColour woodblock
1973StarlightColour woodblock
1972Mt. Rainier in WinterColour woodblock
1972Red MonumentColour woodblock
1972Sound of TempleColour woodblock
1972Sunny PlaceColour woodblock
1972WhenColour woodblock
1972WhereColour woodblock
1971HorizonColour woodblock
1971Humming-bird and Fuchsia蜂雀Colour woodblock
1971Monument ValleyモニュメントバレーColour woodblock
1971Santa FeサンタフェColour woodblock
1970Cherry Blossoms三分咲きColour woodblock
1970DeepnessColour woodblock
1970From the SkyColour woodblock
1970HappinessColour woodblock
1970Ruins of the SkyColour woodblock
1970StandingColour woodblock
1970ThreeColour woodblock
1970Two OwlsふくろうColour woodblock
1970WaterfallColour woodblock
196930th CenturyColour woodblock
1969AnimalsColour woodblock
1969AtmosphereColour woodblock
1969ConversationColour woodblock
1969Early HopeColour woodblock
1969Fluorescent蛍光Colour woodblock
1969Imperial Hotel, TokyoColour woodblock
1969IndicationsColour woodblock
1969MelodyColour woodblock
1969Neighbor's DreamColour woodblock
1969SymbolColour woodblock
1969TreasureColour woodblock
1968CreationColour woodblock
1968Discovery発見Colour woodblock
1968Eagle OwlみみづくColour woodblock
1968EvolutionColour woodblock
1968ExtensionColour woodblock
1968GagakuColour woodblock
1968GoldColour woodblock
1968Green AgeColour woodblock
1968Isotope同位元素Colour woodblock
1968MarsColour woodblock
1968Mystery ZoneColour woodblock
1968SilverColour woodblock
1968TranscendenceColour woodblock
1968UnknownColour woodblock
1968Yellow LightColour woodblock
1967An AfternoonColour woodblock
1967CassiopeiaColour woodblock
1967Cosmic IlluminationColour woodblock
1967DawnColour woodblock
1967HopeColour woodblock
1967MayColour woodblock
1967Night PieceColour woodblock
1967Orion's BeltColour woodblock
1967Painted DesertColour woodblock
1967SeasideColour woodblock
1967Valley of FireColour woodblock
1966IllusionColour woodblock
1966MeditationColour woodblock
1966Mt.Holly Crossホーリークロス山Colour woodblock
1966On the Way to ParadiseColour woodblock
1966Past HistoryColour woodblock
1966Vail, Coloradoコロラド州ヴェールColour woodblock
1966VibrationColour woodblock
1965A NightColour woodblock
1965Existence BColour woodblock
1965PartColour woodblock
1965Snow and Stone Lanterns雪と石灯籠Colour woodblock
1965SpaceColour woodblock
1965Toward the SkyColour woodblock
1964AbstruseColour woodblock
1964AlterationColour woodblock
1964Creation of the WorldColour woodblock
1964DColour woodblock
1964DreamColour woodblock
1964DrowningColour woodblock
1964Fairy TaleColour woodblock
1964FantasyColour woodblock
1964GroupColour woodblock
1964Lanterns and MaplesColour woodblock
1964Light and BlueColour woodblock
1964Light and RedColour woodblock
1964Lost WorldColour woodblock
1964MysteryColour woodblock
1964StoryColour woodblock
1964StratumColour woodblock
1964White Wall白壁Colour woodblock
1963Ginkakuji Garden銀閣寺の庭Colour woodblock
1963Space and LightColour woodblock
1963Space and MovementColour woodblock
1963Stone GardenColour woodblock
1963SummerColour woodblock
1963Tenryuji GardenColour woodblock
1963Time and SpaceColour woodblock
1963Two LanternsColour woodblock
1963Window and Stone Garden窓と石庭Colour woodblock
1962AColour woodblock
1962BColour woodblock
1962Beginning of the YearColour woodblock
1962EColour woodblock
1962Festival in SpringColour woodblock
1962Festival in WinterColour woodblock
1962FrontierColour woodblock
1962GenerationColour woodblock
1962IntentionColour woodblock
1962June AColour woodblock
1962June BColour woodblock
1962KColour woodblock
1962Mt. Fuji from Nagaoka, Cloud冬の富士 伊豆長岡Colour woodblock
1962Mt. Fuji from Nagaoka, Day伊豆長岡 ...日Colour woodblock
1962Mt. Fuji from Nagaoka, Morning伊豆長岡の富士Colour woodblock
1962Mt. Fuji from Ohito, Morning伊豆大仁 朝の富士Colour woodblock
1962NocturnalColour woodblock
1962PlanctonColour woodblock
1962PolarizationColour woodblock
1962SeashoreColour woodblock
1962SpeculationColour woodblock
1962SystemColour woodblock
1962Through LightColour woodblock
1962Through TimeColour woodblock
1961End of the EarthColour woodblock
1961End of the SkyColour woodblock
1961Irozaki Morning... 石廊崎Colour woodblock
1961Irozaki, Afternoon... 石廊崎Colour woodblock
1961Irozaki, Day... 石廊崎Colour woodblock
1961Irozaki, Evening... 石廊崎Colour woodblock
1961JulyColour woodblock
1961QualityColour woodblock
1961Two MaterialColour woodblock
1960BeginningColour woodblock
1960End of SummerColour woodblock
1960ExistenceColour woodblock
1960HistoryColour woodblock
1960ImaginationColour woodblock
1960JoyColour woodblock
1960Letter of HistoryColour woodblock
1960TimeColour woodblock
1960WildColour woodblock
1959DownColour woodblock
1959DropColour woodblock
1959Impression BColour woodblock
1959Records of Every DayColour woodblock
1958Abstract Landscape CColour woodblock
1958Image AColour woodblock
1958Image BColour woodblock
1958Image CColour woodblock
1958Image DColour woodblock
1958Image, EColour woodblock
1958ImpressionColour woodblock
1958Milky WayColour woodblock
1958Sunrise of New Year's Day in Ginza銀座の初日の出Colour woodblock
1958Variable StarColour woodblock
1957Abstract Landscape AColour woodblock
1957Abstract Landscape BColour woodblock
1957Black and YellowColour woodblock
1957Fable in Star, AColour woodblock
1957Fable in Star, BColour woodblock
1957FloatColour woodblock
1957FloatingColour woodblock
1957From Another World AColour woodblock
1957From the Star, DayColour woodblock
1957Misty DanceColour woodblock
1957MovementColour woodblock
1957SmogColour woodblock
1956EmbryoColour woodblock
1956Geometric PatternColour woodblock
1956GermsColour woodblock
1956Grand CanyonColour woodblock
1956Indian Village, New MexicoColour woodblock
1956Mexican SculptureColour woodblock
1956MotionColour woodblock
1956Moving StoneColour woodblock
1956Series of Black and White AColour woodblock
1956Series of Black and White BColour woodblock
1956Series of Black and White DColour woodblock
1956Series of Black and White FColour woodblock
1956Series of Black and White HColour woodblock
1956Series of Black and White, CColour woodblock
1956Series of Black and White, EColour woodblock
1956Series of Black and White, GColour woodblock
1956Space and FormColour woodblock
1956Walking StoneColour woodblock
1955BrugesColour woodblock
1955Cactus, SpainColour woodblock
1955Dragon AColour woodblock
1955Dragon BColour woodblock
1955Evening in VeniceColour woodblock
1955Hawaiian Fishes, Aハワイの魚 AColour woodblock
1955Hawaiian Fishes, Bハワイの魚 BColour woodblock
1955Myoko Hot Spring妙高温泉Colour woodblock
1955Snow Country雪国Colour woodblock
1954American Girl, AColour woodblock
1954American Girl, BColour woodblock
1954Arab in BagdadColour woodblock
1954Arabian DancerColour woodblock
1954Autumn in Hakone Museum 箱根神仙郷 日光殿のお庭Colour woodblock
1954Bamboo Garden - Hakone Museum箱根神仙郷 竹のお庭Colour woodblock
1954Carlsbad CavernsColour woodblock
1954Full Moon, HawaiiColour woodblock
1954German GirlColour woodblock
1954No. 13Colour woodblock
1954NudeColour woodblock
1954Nude, No. 2Colour woodblock
1954ParisienneColour woodblock
1954Sangetuan, Hakone Museum箱根神仙郷 山月庵Colour woodblock
1954Spanish GirlColour woodblock
1954Woman in BagdadColour woodblock
1953[Christmas card V]Colour woodblock
1953No. 12Colour woodblock
1953Wisteria at Ushijima牛島の藤Colour woodblock
1952[Christmas card I]Colour woodblock
1952[Christmas card II]Colour woodblock
1952[Christmas card III]Colour woodblock
1952[Christmas card IV]Colour woodblock
1952No. 1Colour woodblock
1952No. 10Colour woodblock
1952No. 11Colour woodblock
1952No. 2Colour woodblock
1952No. 3Colour woodblock
1952No. 4Colour woodblock
1952No. 5Colour woodblock
1952No. 6Colour woodblock
1952No. 7Colour woodblock
1952No. 8Colour woodblock
1952No. 9Colour woodblock
1952Sea Horses竜の落し子Colour woodblock
1951Akiba Shrine秋葉神社Colour woodblock
1951Castle at Himejiお城Colour woodblock
1951Cherry Blossoms by the GateColour woodblock
1951Heirinji, Temple Bell釣鐘堂Colour woodblock
1951Hikone Castle in Spring彦根城Colour woodblock
1951Hyoroku瓢六Colour woodblock
1951In a Kyoto Sweets-Shop京のしるこ屋Colour woodblock
1951Morinji in SpringColour woodblock
1951Plum Tree and Blue Magpie数珠かけの梅Colour woodblock
1951Rice-field in Suizu水津Colour woodblock
1951Shrine of the Paper-Makers, FukuiColour woodblock
1951Silver Pavilion - Kyoto銀閣Colour woodblock
1951Tsubakurodake燕岳Colour woodblock
1951Tsubakurodake, Evening夕の燕岳Colour woodblock
1951Tsubakurodake, Morning朝の燕岳Colour woodblock
1951Urayasu浦安Colour woodblock
1951Village in HarimaColour woodblock
1951Village of Plums梅の村Colour woodblock
1951White Plum in the Farmyard白梅Colour woodblock
1950Castle of Himeji姫路Colour woodblock
1947Benten Shrine, UenoColour woodblock
1946Ishiyama Temple石山寺Colour woodblock
1942Pagoda in Kyoto五重の塔Colour woodblock
1942Shirasagi Castle白鷺城Colour woodblock
1942Tenryu River河原Colour woodblock
1942Yodo River淀川Colour woodblock
1941Benkei Bridge辨慶橋Colour woodblock
1941Half Moon Bridgeたいこ橋Colour woodblock
1941Linnoji Gardenお庭Colour woodblock
1941Sacred Grove神の森Colour woodblock
1941Stone Lanterns石燈籠Colour woodblock
1940Hiejinja昼の東京 日枝神社Colour woodblock
1940Matsumoto松本Colour woodblock
1940Nikko日光Colour woodblock
1940Okaramonお唐門Colour woodblock
1940Umbrella雨傘Colour woodblock
1939From the Ryogoku Bridge夜の東京 両国橋よりColour woodblock
1939Iidabashi昼の東京 飯田橋Colour woodblock
1939Kikuzaka Street昼の東京 白い倉Colour woodblock
1938Sinjuku [Shinjuku]新宿Colour woodblock
1938Supper Wagon夜の東京 屋台店Colour woodblock
1938Winter GardenColour woodblock
1930Raicho雷鳥Colour woodblock
1927BunchoColour woodblock
1926TigerタイガーColour woodblock
1925CrabsColour woodblock
CatsColour woodblock
DaisetsuzanColour woodblock
EastColour woodblock
ElephantColour woodblock
FlyingColour woodblock
Kiyomizu Temple清水寺Colour woodblock
LightColour woodblock
Mini AColour woodblock
Mini BColour woodblock
Mini CColour woodblock
NorthColour woodblock
Oak TreeColour woodblock
RhinocerosサイColour woodblock
SouthColour woodblock
Story of a DayColour woodblock
Two Sea HorsesColour woodblock
WestColour woodblock